We have more possibilities available in each moment

than we realize. ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Thanks for visiting my website.  I'm not accepting new clients at this time.

There's no need to "go it alone" when finding our way through depression, anxiety, the effects of trauma, troublesome behavior patterns and difficult life situations. I bring an open heart, joy and 15 years of experience working with adults of all backgrounds and ages. I have experience with a wide variety of issues for example; work difficulties, college transitions, food and body image difficulties, family life, addictions, trauma, relationship issues, spirituality, dating, culture, medical issues, gender identity, aging, grief and loss, and sexual orientation.

Therapy is a partnership and together we can develop a plan that matches your needs with effective treatment. I draw from various research-based modalities including, Mindfulness, Ego State Therapy, DBT, CBT and am a certified EMDR practitioner. I'm interested in how people are wired and the connections between our body, mind and heart. People often find themselves frustrated with repeating old, unhelpful patterns of behavior. Psychotherapy can help to break free by assisting with developing new, more adaptive ways of thinking which in turn can help you feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.


Individual, Group and Tele/Video Psychotherapy for adults and Clinical Supervision